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Catholic Creationism's Reply: Jimmy Akin on Evolution, Critiqued by Robert Sungenis

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

This video critiques the position of Catholic apologist, Jimmy Akin, regarding his support of evolution and long ages. Mr. Akin's views are taken from a recent debate he had with Gideon Lazar in February 2022. Robert Sungenis' comments against Mr. Akin are to supplement Mr. Lazar's comments, and they are limited to the Opening Statement that Mr. Akin gave during the debate. In addition, Robert Sungenis comments on Mr. Akin's recent interview produced by Matt Fradd regarding Akin's attempt to explain how polygenism coordinates with Catholic doctrine on origins. The whole video is approximately two hours long. Many topics are discussed, such as biblical inerrancy, biblical interpretation, statements from popes and councils and the Church fathers, as well as many science topics, such as: radiometry, fossils, the geologic column, ape-to-man evolution, dinosaurs and Carbon 14 testing, the speed of light, Special and General relativity, the Big Bang, and many other topics.

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